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        ABOUT US
        ABOUT US

          The company Profile: Dalian TongDa Machine Tool Manufacturing Limited Company is a large-scale network marketing company, and is belonged to the Dalian Machine Tool Group Limited liability company. The company was founded in 2002, located at center area of Dalian. The company take the Dalian Machine Tool Factory and the Shenyang Machine Tool Factory as the backing, and manage various CNC machine tools, general lathes, t CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, multi-knife lathes, machining centers, turning centers, milling machines, planers, drilling machines, grinders, boring lathes, and other mechanical equipments and machine parts. The machine tool appendix mainly include the chuck, the center planes, the hydraulic parts, the cutter blades, and so on; And the company contract repair and technological transformation of large and medium-sized machines, provide processing service to home and abroad client.

          Your satisfaction is our pursuit forever" is our service objective.

           Address: Dalian Xigang District Xianghai garden NO.7-3   Zip code: 116021
           Tel: (sales department): 0411-84448808 0411-84448818   
           Fax (sales department): 0411-84448828
           Service :18741187999
           VIP Hotline:18741187999
           Sales QQ: 3214547439